Basement Flooring Colors

Basement Flooring Colors

Basement Flooring Colors

Together as a team, color, form and pattern can either make or break a basement flooring project. Based on the color you choose, the form of the material, or the pattern you claim, the flooring can dominate an entire basement or be part of the scenery to enhance other items you may have in your basement.

Wrong decisions could also lead to detrimental designs. To see what I’m talking about here think of yourself in a four walled room with heavy dark hue’d paint on the walls and very light colored flooring. If the basement is small already it could give you the feel of the walls closing in on you.

This is really part 2 of a 3 part series for basement flooring design:

  1. Basement flooring design with color
  2. Basement flooring color choices
  3. Basement flooring forms and patterns

To get a good example to look at for your basement flooring project that complement each other very well, you’ll need to start thinking of saturation.

Saturated colors tend to complement one another. Imagine a dark walnut laminate basement floor with a blue counter-toped tile bar setting in your basement.

Or what about some peach colored walls with a very light pastel carpet for a perfect living arrangement. You could even take on a contrasting perspective if done moderately in small basements.

Why? contrasts tend to make things look smaller than they really are so go sparingly in smaller basements. A good feel for this might be a basement that is done in a checkerboard type fashion with black and white ceramic tile flooring.

Personally I think this would look awesome as someone’s nascar themed basement or a playroom for the kids.

There are a few guidelines so to speak when choosing a basement floor color. I know, design is personal, so these are just guidelines.

First, practice the art of restraint. To much color can have differentiating results.

Too much of the same and it’s bland. Too much pop and its uncomfortable.

If you don’t want a single color to dominate your basement in your flooring, think about selecting grid patterns. Carpeting for basement floors can come with either grid or speckled looks. Darker laminates can be used in different colored parquet patterns for particularly beautiful basement floors.

Here’s some helpful tips when selecting the colors for your basement floor:

  1. Names are cool, but select the color not the name. Home Depot orange or Barney purple sounds good, but will they look good with what you are planning.
  2. Trust the gut! You know what you like.
  3. Narrow the selection down and then take the samples home to check out each basement flooring color in your own home to see what might work.
  4. Check the colors at different times of the day. This is especially true if your basement does have outside light shining in. Even if you don’t, different light sources will give different results on your basement floor.
  5. If you are doing a “make-over” session and already have a finished basement, cover up everything you can so as to not interfere with your decisions. The eye catches a lot and will be lying to you in those situations.
  6. Most of all, take your time. This is not a have to make it now decision, but a decision that you will be spending that hard earned cash on that will be around for a while.

Thanks again for stopping by Basement Flooring Guide and hope these little color tips helps you in selecting the perfect color for your next basement flooring project.

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