Basement Tile Floor Ideas

floor tiles in basement

Basement Tile Floor Ideas

Tile for basement flooring is an exceptional choice. Big. Small. Rectangular. Square. Way too many colors, shapes and designs to even think of them all.

One things for sure, tile floors in basements is never out of style.

What we plan on covering this time around here at Basement Flooring Guide is the differences, the designs, the rules and you for ceramic tile on basement floors.

basement flooring tiles

Differences in Tile Basement Flooring: First off, you have a huge choice in different types of tiles available for you to choose from for your tile basement flooring needs.

There are virtually no limits to the possibilities afforded to you with using tile in a basement. From size and shape to color and finish, you can virtually make the room of your dreams.

Not only that, you can almost guarantee yourself that using tile in a non-uniform pattern you will end up with a unique basement flooring design that will differentiate itself from any other room in your house.

Quite possibly, this design could be different than any other house on your block, town, city or state.

Tile Basement Flooring Design: Have an inner artist or designer in you? Here’s your chance to explore your creative side. Tile is such a fluid medium in that you can shape and design not only in size but also in color and contrast, it allows you to put your own personal stamp on your basement.

Go ahead and get creative. Explore different ideas. Explore different fashions. Mix and match colors, textures and finishes if you so desire for your own innovative basement world.

Rules of Tile Basement Flooring Design: So just what are the rules of design for basement tile floors? I love this one, it’s an oldie but a goodie.

Rule number 1, there are no rules.

Rule number 2, when in doubt, see rule number 1.

That’s it. Truly there are no rules.

It comes back to basic personal choice and the home owners creativity (or lack thereof). If you like a straight uniform design, then so be it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

If you’d like to use multiple color combinations to get that tropical feel and bring you back to a warm sunny day, go for it.

Non-conformist? Use multiple shapes, colors and sizes to achieve that glorious mural right there on your basement floor.

Where do you fit in: Bottom-line is, everywhere when it comes to tile basement flooring. Every designer knows that design is personal. Let your inner artist come out. If you like it, isn’t that all that matters anyways as you are the one that lives there.

By all means, express yourself and your personal tastes. It’s your home in your style for your way of life. One of the greatest things about tile is being able to design your own designs and then visibly seeing your creation come to life!

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