Inexpensive Basement Flooring Ideas

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Inexpensive Basement Flooring Ideas

When undertaking a basement renovation, you’ve probably wondered just what basement flooring ideas you might have available. If I’m not the first to tell you let me at least be one of them, basement flooring is risky business.

Most factory warranties you’ll read about lead to a fear of imminent destruction by water moisture or flooding. Well here’s a news flash for you.

Most things that water touches via flooding it destroys and if you take care of your moisture issues in your basement your options should be fairly wide open.

Now that being said, some basements will be more suited to different types of basement flooring options than others.

When considering different basement flooring ideas you should question the durability of the material. Go high with this estimate but for the most part, basements tend to see medium use as a general rule of thumb as they do not typically encounter heavy traffic loads.

Carpet Squares for Basement

Instead of putting a new addition on your home, finish your basement. Most of the hard part is already done, it’s built. That doesn’t cost you anything but putting on that new room extension to your current home certainly would and then you would have to finish it.

This will give your family room to grow that won’t bear that additional building expense as well as finishing expense.

Here’s another news flash for you, finished basements are among the top 3 choices that buyers look for when purchasing a home. You can instantly add value to your home just by finishing your basement if you are looking to sell it.

Who knows, it might sell quicker or add an extra 10 g’s to the sale price for a minimal investment.

There are many different materials you could choose from during your brainstorm for basement flooring ideas so keep your options open. Here’s a pretty basic list to get you started with.

Armstrong Basement Flooring

Basic Basement Flooring Ideas:

  • Laminate Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Carpet

Best Basement Flooring Ideas:

  • Refinished Concrete
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Marble Tile
  • Ceramic Tile

Some of the best basement flooring ideas have been around for quite sometime and still hold true for basement flooring. I’m a really big fan on refinishing concrete as a basement flooring idea.

tiled basement floor

A nice stain and buff job and you have a flooring option that bears no rivals in my opinion. The only thing you’ll have to account for is how cold the floor may become, but there are options for that as well.

If you’re worried about the coldness of a stained concrete floor in the basement, you could go with some ceramic tile basement flooring with some inlaid radiant heat to warm the floor up.

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