Laminate Basement Flooring Design Possibilities

Laminate Floor Designs

Laminate Basement Flooring Design Possibilities

With laminate basement flooring you truly do have a wide array of design possibilities. When practicality is very important but a primary concern is to be visually appealing, laminate flooring can meet both of these needs and help you stay sane when the budget is tight.

When most people think of laminate flooring, one of the first things that tend to pop into someone’s head is a wood look. While this is definitely feasible, laminate flooring comes in many more styles and colors than just looking like solid wood.

Most people don’t know that you can also get laminate in patterns resembling marble and sandstone, most tile patterns, abstract design prints, and amazing floral layouts as well.

A typical “plank” form is what most people generally associate with laminate flooring. However, in more recent times a new form of laminate is gaining rapid acceptance throughout the northern hemisphere. What is it you might ask?

Laminate basement flooring that is square in shape and resembles more of a tile look. Yep, that’s right, there are really two basic types of laminate flooring for you to choose from when deciding to renovate your basement floor.

First let’s start with laminate basement flooring planks because that’s the one that most everybody is familiar with.

Generally speaking, regardless of the manufacturer, laminate planks are all typically the same size , are about 4 inches wide and only a quarter of an inch thick. Here’s where the wood look comes in as most laminate installations that you would see or have seen and you know it’s laminate comes with this grain wood look.

What most people don’t know is that you can also get this laminate plank flooring in a wide variety of ceramic tile and stone designs as well.

Now let’s take a look at laminate basement flooring squares. You might hear them called either laminate square flooring or laminate board flooring.

Irrespective of what you might hear it called it’s the same thing.

Here’s where it can get fun working with laminate. These squares come in a variety of sizes. They can range from seven inch squares up to two foot squares.

Not to mention the design possibilities as they basically come in just about any pattern under the sun. Ranging from abstract mosaic looks to solid stone to wild florals prints, you can achieve the look for your basement flooring with ease.

They even come in squares that mimic tile floors fully decked out with grout lines instilled in the pattern. Awesome!

Not only that, but if you do choose to use laminate basement flooring squares, you can also choose not install it in a typical grid fashion. You may want to think about installing them in a more diagonal form to the walls.

And don’t forget that you can spice them up along the way as well by adding in some decorative floor border, or getting multiple color variations and putting them in a checkerboard across the basement floor, or whatever you might dream up.

One word of caution though, aesthetically this could look dynamite with square laminate flooring for basement floors, but plank laminate flooring because of the wood look tends to look better horizontal due to it’s linear wood design.

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